Our labs


eSoftThings’ lab has an extensive array of measurement equipment for wireless and connectivity standards, product reliability and performance testing, audio testing equipment as well as an anechoic chamber.


Energy consumption

  • Ni USB 16x DAC
  • Agilent 34401
  • Mansoon Power monitor
  • Lecroy Scope Wavesurfer 600MHz


  • R&S CMU200 2G tester & call box
  • R&S CMW500 3G/LTE tester & call box
  • R&S CBT Bluetooth Low Energy

Reliability test

  • RF Spectrum analyser
  • R&S SMU200A RF Signal generator
  • Shaffner ESD gun
  • Votsch 4002 Climatic chamber

Audio labs

  • Head Acoustics Acqua Audio tester
  • R&S UPV Audio tester
  • Brüel & Kjaer Head & Torso simulator