Our labs


eSoftThings lab has an extensive array of measurement equipment for wireless and connectivity standards, product reliability and performance testing ,audio as well as an anechoic chamber.


Energy consumption

  • Ni USB 16x DAC
  • Agilent 34401
  • Mansoon Power monitor
  • Lecroy Scope Wavesurfer 600MHz


  • R&S CMU200 2G tester & call box
  • R&S CMW500 3G/LTE tester & call box
  • R&S CBT Bluetooth Low Energy

Reliability test

  • RF Spectrum analyser
  • R&S SMU200A RF Signal generator
  • Shaffner ESD gun
  • Votsch 4002 Climatic chamber

Audio labs

  • Head Acoustics Acqua Audio tester
  • R&S UPV Audio tester
  • Brüel & Kjaer Head & Torso simulator