Autonomous Vehicles

eCube, our embedded ADAS ECU for prototyping



eCUBE is a hardware plus software solution which targets innovative use cases for prototype installations such as:  

  • Surround View Systems (SVS)
  • Occupant Monitoring Systems (OMS)
  • Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS)
  • Camera Monitoring Systems (CMS) for digital rear view mirrors
  • Front View Collision Avoidance (FVCA) 

Our first generation eCUBE addresses a need many ADAS developers will face when they want to prototype their innovative use cases without losing time with enabling the video pipeline.

Our solution is efficient and allows ADAS developers to save precious time and effort while enabling the video pipeline equipment with several cameras simultaneously. 

It is ready to install in a vehicle and can also be used for customer demonstrations.  

The hardware is built around the Renesas Gen-3 V3HSK and allows connecting up to 8 cameras with different deserializer options (FPDLINKIII, GMSL, GMSL2) as exposes additional interfaces such as CAN, PCIe, Ethernet, etc. 

eCube is packaged with a metal enclosure and a passive heatsink design which makes it fanless. 


Architecture of our electronic control unit, eCube 

scheme of eCube architecture, our ADAS ECU

The eView and the eVision Software run on the eCube solution (see attached scheme). 

The eView solution has been enabled with state of the art cameras from different providers according to the different use cases.  

Customers can evaluate the algorithms developed by eSoftThings, and we can help port their own perception stack. 

eSoftThings offers professional services to tune eView software to adapt to customer needs as well as helping the customers to replace the eVision software with their own perception stack.  

eCube, eView, eVision and eDataset are sold separately. 

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