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The eMod line of Voice Control Modules

The eMod-00 Voice Control Module lets you  integrate leading voice control and audio technologies into your products quickly and easily. Because commands are stored directly on the module, no internet connection is needed. Therefore, this offline voice control solution allows great responsiveness and heightened privacy with no connectivity induced latency.

The result? A simple-to-integrate, affordable, private, low latency voice control solution: the eMod-00 (Click for video)

eMod-00: The simple, local voice control solution

The small form factor (1.5 x 2.2 cm) of the module helps your engineers add complex audio to your products easily and affordably. Additionally, our expertise in audio tuning  helps you achieve the performance results you are looking for.


Licenses to access the voice control and audio technologies are included in the module price. This means there is no need to contact multiple partners and go through the hassle of setting up separate license agreements. With eMod-00 what you see is really what you get.


eMod-00 EVK

Our EVK works hand-in-hand with the eMod-00 to let you rapidly test voice control in your product PoC.

Evaluation kit for the eMod-00

eMod-00 EVK

The eMod-00 EVK is compatible with microcomputers including the RPI3 and Arduino. By helping you add Voice Control to your PoCs quickly and easily, the EVK allows you to produce demonstrations to test the responsiveness and applications you are targetting. Predefined and embedded commands are used to test functionality of your product.


Additional information

Custom Trigger Words and Command Word sets can be accommodated, however there is an additional cost associated with this effort. eSoftThings will work with you to make this process as simple as possible. Please contact us on for further information.