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eSoftLink, a versatile and robust end-to-end IoT platform

eSoftLink is a unique end-to end IoT platform. It has been designed to work stand-alone on customer infrastructure, on the Edge or in the Cloud. eSoftLink provides the real-time data collection, management, analytical and reporting tools that allow  your business to benefit from the data that you collect quickly and efficiently.

The Private and Secure solution for real-world IoT applications

A lot of different use cases with our IOT solution eSoftLink, Private and Secure solution for real-world IoT applications

The included SW stack for Cloud or on premise operation allows connecting eSoftLink to a wide range of existing IoT sensors and devices. eSoftThing’s open source embedded stack can be integrated into existing hardware, enabling seamless support of the functionalities provided by the eSoftLink platform. Coupled with integrated OTA and device management capabilities, eSoftLink provides customers with a highly dynamic, flexible and reactive tool to support their operations and business activities.

The integration of a data analytics system and a messaging server provides users with real-time notifications and alerts of events of interest via email or Google Firebase messaging.

eSoftLink, through integrated Apache Kafka, supports handling huge data volumes quickly to provision real-time advanced data analytics applications. In addition, it allows connection to external data lakes to enable long term storage and cold-analysis of acquired data. This allows extracting maximum value from any dataset on the fly and over time.

Administration dashboards allow easy centralized configuration of platform and device parameters. The eSoftLink stack offers a full range of REST APIs, so connecting frontend UIs such as  mobile phone applications and web browsers is quick and easy.

eSoftLink can run entirely on local infrastructure, in the Edge or in the cloud. Its flexibility means it can serve as the integration platform between your devices and infrastructure, and cloud service of your choice.

Customer Use Cases: energy monitoring and reporting, device management system for operations and preventive maintenance