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Are you looking to join a cutting-edge technology company?

eSoftThings is a system design power house specializing in computer vision, IoT, wireless and audio enabled products and solutions. eSoftThings holds an impressive track record in the design of computer vision solutions for advanced driver-assistance systems, IoT devices and solutions, low power wireless and audio enabled connected devices.

In cooperation with our ecosystem partners our team delivers outstanding products and solutions to the marketplace. We operate from our high-tech labsin the city of Rennes in the Brittany region of France and have a worldwide customer base.

Over 70% of our annual turnover is generated from overseas sources.

Joining us is an opportunity to work on amazing projects in an international context. As a fast-growing startup, we offer excellent career opportunities in a range of disciplines.

eSoftThings has developed and put into production an IoT solution to manage data of several billion messages per day. This solution can be hosted in the cloud or close to the data source (“on the Edge”).

As part of these solutions, eSoftThings provides an SDK for the sensor / actuator part. This SDK is run on microcontroller type targets.

The aim of the internship is to prototype an AI / machine learning solution directly embedded in the sensor for a power saving application. The solution will have to be optimized in memory size as well as in electrical consumption.

You will be supervised by an embedded software engineer and integrated into the “Embedded SW” team. You will work closely with our AI engineers.

The tasks to be carried out during the internship will be as follows:

  • Taking control of our solution (currently working on the cloud),

  • Porting of the algorithm in C language,

  • Implementation on embedded target,

  • Performance measurements (consumption, memory, latency, mAP …),

  • Deploy and test on 10 or so beta users,

  • Tests and performance evaluations

The internship is open to future engineers as part of their final-year internship, the duration of the internship is 6 months.

At the end of the internship you will have acquired skills in:

  • Software development C in a product framework (ticket, bug, git …)

  • IA / Machine learning for embedded targets (RNN, LSTM, Regression Liner …)

  • RTOS-based systems

This internship requires the following skills:

  • Rigor

  • C language

  • Basic knowledge of AI or signal processing or statistics

The internship is paid 6,92 € Gross per hour.

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