Smart Devices Business unit


What we do


Our Smart Devices BU is specialized in designing, developing and deploying IoT solutions and consumer and professional electronics. We have additional expertise in audio design and testing services.

Our customer projects include full electronics design and development for military grade headsets, advanced consumer telephony and smart speaker solutions and complex connected devices. We have developed our proprietary secure end-to end IoT platform. With this we have deployed a smart metering system providing real-time information on energy use to end customers.

Our team has extensive expertise in hardware and software design, embedded, low- and mid-level software development and integration. We specialize in connectivity, power optimization, HMI (Human Machine Interface), and acoustic design and tuning.

Our hardware and acoustic labs, and software environment, coupled with advanced R&D capabilities give us the tools to respond to any challenge.

We have developed an extensive partner network with leading tech companies. We draw on their technologies, training and expertise to ensure that we access the most appropriate solutions for each unique customer project and product.

Our services include


Product Design and Development

Comprehensive hardware and software design, development and optimisation for production.


We develop and integrate bespoke algorithms. Additionally, we supporta range of off-the-shelf solutions from our partners.


Our team has experience on numerous SoC platforms including NXP, Qualcomm, Intel, Marvell and others.

Off-the-shelf solutions

eST’s own brand products include reference designs and modules to facilitate easy access to complex, advanced technologies. We also have developed and license our proprietary IoT platform – from customized device through bespoke UI applications.


• eMod-00  is an industrialization ready Voice Control module with embedded local commands for fast integration into customer products, all under a single SW license. Click here for additional information

• eAudition is a full featured soundcard packed into a small, connected and versatile format. It comes with an integrated software package for a wide range of audio applications. It can be linked to your product directly via onboard micro-USB2 or Bluetooth®, and provides access to a dedicated on-board audio codec and DSP supporting a wide range of firmware.

 • eSoftLink is our secure End-to-End IoT platform hosted in the cloud or on customer infrastructure on their premises. eSoftThings provides bespoke hardware development for end-points,  customised UIs for serving information to end users, and  everything in between. We support existing hardware nodes or develop bespoke solutions to meet customer needs.

eSoftLink not only collects, stores and analyzes data, but also allows secure OTA updating of nodes and endpoints, as well as remote configuration of device parameters for full control of deployed devices individually or in batches. Click here for additional information